Roman Ruditsa

Composer, music theorist
D Notation founder


    Roman Ruditsa is a Russian composer, music theorist, teacher of music theory subjects, pianist, harpsichordist, music critic and music software developer.

    Roman Ruditsa was born in 1972 in Tyumen, Russia. In 1995 he graduated from Saint Petersburg State Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov (composition class of Sergei Slonimsky, piano and harpsichord class of Elena Seredinskaya, music theory class of Ekaterina Ruchievskaya). From 1995 till 1997 he had an assistantship in the composition class of Sergei Slonimsky.

    Mr. Ruditsa is an author of cantats, chamber and orchestra music. The area of his composition interests connected with a research of harmony and counterpoint, with a modern continuation of Medieval, Renaissance and Classical music traditions. Roman Ruditsa is a member of the Russian Union of Composers.

    He wrote a number of musicological works devoted to questions of musical analysis, harmony and counterpoint.

    Piano and harpsichord repertoire includes music of Jacques Champion de Chambonnières, Jean-Henri d'Anglebert and other representatives of the French harpsichord school, Cesar Franck, Franz Liszt, Mikhail Glinka, Joseph Haydn and Ludwig van Beethoven.

    Mr. Ruditsa is also known for his music criticism articles in Russian journals.

    In 2014 with Andrey Bayadzhan Roman Ruditsa founded D Notation, a company that develops digital tools for music notation writing and learning.

    Roman Ruditsa lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

    List of major works includes:

    CANZONA DI BACCO (2006), cantata for tenor, piano solo, and orchestra, based on a text of Lorenzo de' Medici. Duration: 30'

    FAREWELL WITH ANTONIO VIVALDI (2004), a double concerto for violin, clarinet, and orchestra. Duration: 23'

    THE DAY OF THE JUDGEMENT (2001), cantata for soloists and orchestra in 3 parts, based on Russian spiritual verses. Duration: 28'

    SAMSON AND DELILAH, opera fragment for soprano, tenor, and J.-B. Lully orchestra. Libretto by Ferdinand Lemaire. Duration: 18'

    HERACLES AND THE ECHO (1997), ballet for violin solo and orchestra. Duration: 15'

    GEOSPHERE'S FLOWERS (1995), symphony for chamber ensemble. Duration: 15'

    4 MOTETS ON RUSSIAN SPELLS TEXTS (1992). Duration: 17'

    WIND QUINTET (1993). Duration: 6'

    THE 6 RAKE'S STAGES (2006), based on Igor Stravinsky The Rake's Progress. Duration: 45'

    PARAPHRASE ON GALINA USTVOLSKAYA PIANO SONATA №4 (2000) for A. Webern Symphony orchestra.

    PRINCE IOSAPH AND A DESERT (1996-2008), cantata for soloists and instrumental ensemble.

    TOURNAI MASS ARRANGEMENT (2001) for 5 winds and electric guitar.

    LULLABY (2013) for piano 4 hands. Duration: 2'

    FOOTBALL ANTHEM OF ST. PETERSBURG (2018) for orchestra. Duration: 3'


    Andrey Bayadzhan, Mr. Ruditsa's representative: